Toppings Only Salad


Last Updated on February 13, 2024

This meal-prep friendly toppings only salad is one of my favorite customizable salads to serve with whole-grain crackers during the week!

Toppings Only Salad

Toppings Only Salad

Back in high school my friends and I would always order a toppings only salad from a local salad bar that basically consisted of every topping available minus a base of greens. To this day its one of my favorite salads to make because it stays good for up to 3 days and is so customizable.

This version has chickpeas, roasted corn, red bell pepper, cucumbers, hearts of palm, scallions, banana peppers, and feta cheese.

Everything gets tossed in a simple dressing made of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, lemon juice and salt & pepper. Leaving the greens out means no soggy salad, even after a couple of days, which is one of my favorite aspects of this salad.

I love to add canned tuna and avocado for a boost of protein and fats when ready to eat. Serving these with crackers is a non-negotiable, and truly makes for the perfect, nutrient-filled lunch.

I can’t emphasize enough how customizable this salad is. The concept is pretty similar to cowboy caviar, but with less beans and a few different flavors.

Ingredients you’ll need

  • Canned chickpeas
  • Roasted corn- I buy pre-roasted, frozen corn from Trader Joes. I love the added flavor the roasted corn provides, but regular canned corn works just as well
  • Cucumbers
  • Red bell pepper
  • Hearts of palm- a personal favorite to add into salads
  • Scallions
  • Banana peppers
  • Feta cheese

This combination might sound random, but it’s so good when combined together.

Other topping ideas

For even more flavor and variety, here are a few other topping ideas

  1. Diced red onion
  2. Pickled jalapenos
  3. Grated carrots
  4. Dried cranberries

Serve this salad with crackers, in a wrap or sandwich

This salad stays fresh in the fridge for up to 4 days, so it’s the perfect make-ahead meal to have around for a quick and easy lunch.

I love serving it with whole grain crackers or pita chips, but it would also make for a delicious wrap or sandwich filling with your choice of protein.

This toppings only salad is easy to make, full of flavor, and an ideal meal prep for busy workweek lunches. I can’t wait for you guys to try it!

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Toppings Only Salad

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  • 1 can 1 chickpeas (15 oz), drained

  • 1 cup 1 roasted corn or canned corn. I used pre-roasted corn from Trader Joes

  • 1 1 red bell pepper, diced

  • 3 3 -4 hearts of palm, diced

  • 2 2 Persian cucumbers, diced

  • 1/4 cup 1/4 banana peppers, chopped

  • 1/4 cup 1/4 feta cheese

  • 2 2 scallions, chopped

  • Juice from 1 lemon

  • 3 tbsp 3 balsamic vinegar

  • 3 tbsp 3 olive oil

  • Salt & pepper, to taste

  • Serve with: avocado, canned tuna, whole-grain crackers


  • Combine all of the salad ingredients together in a large bowl.
  • Toss together with the balsamic vinegar, olive oil, lemon juice and salt & pepper.
  • Serve with your favorite crackers. I love to mix in canned tuna and avocado when serving.
  • Keep refrigerated for up to 4 days.

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