Hi friends!

My name is Gal Shua-Haim, and I’m a registered dietitian and recipe developer living in Gainesville, Florida with my husband and dog. I grew up in Brooklyn, NY, but in the last three years moved from Grenada, to Philadelphia, to San Diego and now Gainesville following my husband’s veterinary career.

I have always been intrigued by food and how it affects our bodies. Where I grew up, everyone was always trying the latest diet trend, and I quickly became obsessed with food and wanted to know all there was to know about it. More importantly, I wanted to understand which dietary approach was the right one.

I completed both my undergraduate degree and Master’s at Brooklyn college with a major in Nutritional Sciences, followed by a dietetic internship and the registered dietitian’s exam. Six years later, I was officially a dietitian. Over the years, I learned there is no one diet approach that fits all. My motto is you need to follow a way of eating that is sustainable for YOU.

I have an all foods fit approach when it comes to nutrition, and my overall goal is to simplify your life in the kitchen by showing you that eating healthy can be easy without compromising taste.

I love experimenting in the kitchen and creating new recipes, so I started my Instagram account back in 2014 as a way to show people that eating healthy doesn’t need to be complicated. I quickly realized how many people were looking for the same thing I was- simple, nutritious recipes, which is what you’ll find on my blog.

What started as a hobby turned into a community of people who love to get inspired. I am so glad you’re here, and I can’t wait for you to get inspired yourself and start cooking something nutritious!