A Round Up of Healthy Super Bowl Snacks


Last Updated on February 7, 2021

Super bowl Sunday is here, and it’s time to whip up some of your favorite finger foods + appetizers to enjoy during the game! Don’t tell my husband, but I’m mostly just there for the snacks anyway. Cue these healthy super bowl snacks!

I’m all about indulging in the foods you enjoy when your crave them (i.e real pizza, wings, etc). But, I also love my homemade versions! I rounded up some of my favorite healthier recipes that can accommodate gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, and even vegan diets.

We’ve got cauliflower wings, vegan cheese fries, some of my favorite desserts and more. Because dessert is never a question.

Something Savory

Let’s start off with the savory eats. These are just a few of my personal favorites, but there are tons of other recipes on the blog for you to search!

BBQ Cauliflower Poppers

healthy Super Bowl snacks

The most delicious, sticky BBQ Cauliflower Poppers made with a homemade BBQ sauce and crispy coated cauliflower florets. Save some steps by using your favorite store-bought sauce!

Vegan Cheese Fries

healthy Super Bowl snacks

Oven-baked crispy French fries topped with the creamiest vegan cashew cheese sauce + jalapenos! These Vegan Cheese Fries are a delicious finger food to serve on Super Bowl Sunday.

Vegan Nacho Platter

healthy super bowl snacks

This loaded Vegan Nacho Platter is the perfect way to pack in tons of flavor, veggies, and heat. It’s topped with black beans, fresh veggies, jalapeno, and a delicious cashew cheese sauce.

Buffalo Cauliflower Poppers

healthy super bowl snacks

These spicy Buffalo Cauliflower Poppers are so easy to make, and are vegan + gluten-free. The cauliflower florets are tossed in a simple batter, baked, and then mixed together with a homemade buffalo sauce.

Salmon Burger Sliders

Turn these Spicy Salmon Burgers into sliders by shaping them into smaller burgers and pairing them with mini burger buns! Pair them with your favorite dips and a delicious spicy slaw.

Crispy Garlic Potatoes

healthy super bowl snacks

A family favorite in our house, these crispy Garlic Smashed Potatoes are the ultimate game day food. They’re crispy, flavorful, and so easy to make!

Black Bean Burgers

These vegan Black Bean Burgers can be made into mini patties, and served with my favorite simple garlic aioli. They’re packed with plant-based protein, and are sure to be a hit among meat and non-meat eaters.

Something Sweet

Dessert is always part of the round up, especially on game day. Here are a few of my favorite desserts from the blog for some healthy super bowl snacks!

Double Chocolate Brownie Cookies

These fudgy Brownie Cookies are one of my favorite cookie recipes to date! They have crispy edges with a fudgy center, and can be made with peppermint or vanilla extract, depending on your preference.

Gluten-free S’mores Blondies

These gluten-free S’mores Blondies are quick, easy and delicious, and have all the flavors of s’mores, in cookie bar form.

Gluten-free Almond Butter Brownies

Fudgy Almond Butter Brownies are always a good idea! You’ll need only 7 ingredients for this gluten-free, dairy-free dessert!

Chocolate Chip Tahini Blondies

These Chocolate Chip Tahini Blondies are a recent favorite of mine, and a reader fave! They have a subtle tahini flavor, and are filled with chocolate chips and flakey sea salt.

Brownie Cookie Pie

healthy Super Bowl snacks

When you can’t decide between a brownie and a cookie, make them both! This delicious gluten-free Brookie Pie is seriously the best of both worlds.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Crispy Treats

Last but not least, these Peanut Butter Rice Crispy Treats are sweet, salty, and crunchy all in one. They pack in the best flavor combination, and come together so quickly!

I hope you guys try some of these delicious recipes!

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